How to choose a trekking tour and Travel company in Nepal?

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How to choose a trekking tour and Travel company in Nepal? One of the most popular questions I get asked is where to find a trekking tour agency in Nepal. The second question is why are they so expensive? I’ve spent a lot of time going through the following online agencies and tour operators selecting the best trekking tours both in terms of experience and price. I’ve listed and given a summary on each one here to help give you the pro’s and con’s before selecting one.
SOME TIPS WHEN BOOKING A TREKKING TOUR in Nepal – Be sure to note if you are trekking with a group or alone with a guide (some cheaper treks put you in with a large group) – Check to see if accommodation, permits & or flights are included in the price – Is your food included? Some cheaper packages don’t include food – Always check the small print – Always make sure you have your own travel insurance for trekking
The cost of hiring a guide and Guide Com porter in Nepal? Let me start off my clearing up one pet peeve I have. Booking a guide/trek online is incredibly expensive. Steps on a Nepal trek I know one person who was quoted $500+ for a 6 day Poon Hill trek. Included was a luxury tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. 3 Star Hotel in KTM and Pokhara. Expert guide fully insured, Maps included, quality Guest houses on the trek. (they sometimes throw in meals too). Let me break that down to reality. (1) Pokhara to KTM one way on Greenline Bus $15-$21 including lunch and water. (2) 3 Star hotel in KTM and Pokhara $7-12 USD (everyone’s a 3 star by the way) (3) Cost of guide – lets say $USD 20 per day (4) Cost of trek guesthouse $USD 5-6 tops, depending on season. It can be as low as $2 depending on the season (5) Meals Dhal Bhat $1-3 or Steaks etc $6-$8 + (6) Map 100 rps Now you can do the math. For some its convenience that makes booking online better, and that’s fine. For others you might want to re-think due to costs. One important thing to note when booking online is that you don’t get to choose your guide! Another important matter to consider is not skimping on a guides costs. If this is your first trek in Nepal I really do recommend you go with an experienced guide who speaks good English and knows the area well. It’s your once in a lifetime trip so make the most of it with a good guide. You are welcome to contact me if you’d like the details of the guide I use. For Everest Base Camp trekkers here’s a cost break down of the Everest Base Camp trek