Yoga and meditation tour in Nepal


The yoga and meditation tour is a newly introduced travel category aimed for those tourists who wants to experience the yoga and meditation of Hindu mythology and Buddhist mythology found only in South East Asia.

The yoga lessons of Hindu mythology like Astanga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Pranayama, Kundalini meditation, Naad Brahma meditation etc are taught by yoga masters who has deep knowledge in this legendary Hindu mythology. Nepal has always been a place of hermitage of yogis living in the fortress of Himalayas and mountains saving the spirit of yoga unspoiled from centuries. The Yoga Ashram are always situated in peace and calm forests with clean rooms and bathrooms along with fine building formations for producing peace of mind and recreation. There are various yoga and meditation packages in these Yoga Ashram from spirituality of vedic philosophy of Yoga to Naturopathy and herbal medicine cure for going back to nature.

Our company  Nepal guide info offers the per-packaged yoga and meditation tour for those who are wishing for a memorable yoga and meditation tour in Nepal. We will also prepare customized yoga and meditation tour on request of clients. Our company is allied with a network of sister companies in all travel destination of Nepal which allows tourists to enjoy the same hospitality and service.

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