Average cost of Everest base camp Trek 12 days

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Average cost of an Everest base camp Trek 12 days trek 2 night Kathmandu

The prices seems fair but also depends on what is included and what is not. Of course services with US$ 1090 will be less standard than services on $1065 in general. I do not think that you will get better rates than US$ 1065 for Everest Base Camp Trek. Please remember that the price also depends on total days of trek, nights in Kathmandu, number of meals etc. If you confirm a trip with a reputable agent then in general the agent will arrange a guide upon your arrival. If you book with private guides then they generally make scheduled to depart with you. In general both options will confirm you the guide. I am opposed of using a company but a company has some advantages that the guide can’t give. In another booking directly with the guide will give you personal touch and care that a company can not give. That is only my experience by the way. Many regular members of the forum are favorable of using a company than a private guide