Hiring Guides / Porters in Lukla & Kathmandu


Hiring  Porter Guides & Porters in Lukla or Kathmandu

Do you need a  Porter guide and porter for the journey? If you are strong, then a porter is not required, though hiring one does direct well needed cash into the homes of poor families and allows you more flexibility. If you do hire a porter, remember to keep valuables with you. The vast majority of porters are extremely honest, but it only takes one who is not to ruin a vacation! Expect to pay around 1600-1800 Rs (more if your load is very heavy) a day for a porter’s services, and as far as Namche you are not expected to pay for accommodation and meals. Guides will cost about 2,200 – 2,500 RS. and  Porter Guide Cost per day 22$ USD . However, due to the high price of food and lack of provisions for porters above Namche, meals should be provided. ( Namche has a cheap and clean lodge specially for porters). Anyway, ensure that your terms are clear at the time of hiring. This will save trouble later.
Guides are definitely not necessary if you are traveling no higher than Tengboche or Pangboche. Above that, you might consider hiring one. Not only can they guide you on the right path and explain local sights, but can be invaluable should you fall ill. Guides speak English (and often other languages – specify your choice when hiring) and need an official license to operate. They command a much higher rate than porters (negotiate), and carrying your bags is not part of their service. Like porters, they will find their own accommodation and meals unless you invite them.
 In general, guides are local Sherpas , Chhatri or Tamangs and are usually named Lama , Basnet porters are Rai or belong to ethnic groups from other areas.
Mountain Porter

Hiring  Porter Guides & Porters in Lukla or Kathmandu Guides and porters  can be hired for a fee through trekking agencies in Kathmandu with Nepal Guide info team ( Nepal Planet treks ) or you can inquire at lodges in Lukla or Namche. It is highly recommended that you hire staffs through Government licensed companies and make sure that they are properly insured, properly equipped and meals / accommodation is included in the prices. It’s always good to make sure that they are in safe hands. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your staffs are safe. At Lukla airport, there are always hopeful porters milling around the exit.

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