Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal


The Mountain bike tour 2021 is a best way to experience Nepal’s hills, landscapes, terrains, nature trails, traditional villages, farming lands, river trails and hill top with open views of encompassing mountains. Nepal is a great place for Mountain bike tour as country has now received a global recognition as one of the finest mountain biking destination in the globe. Mountain bike tour is a new and emerging mountain hiking sport. Nepal have many mountain biking trail with lush mountains, delightful foothills of village road, ride to a high hill with beautiful natural setting, passing through exciting forest foothills, reaching to the top of the hill is a winner feeling and see the world downside, the downhill ride is always a refreshing one, following trail of river is a stimulating experience and landing in amazing geographical location for rest is a good ending of the trip. Recently Nepal has been ranked fifth in the Asian mountain bike cross country championship in the year 1999.

Our company offers the pre-packaged Mountain bike tour for those who are wishing for a memorable ride in Nepal’s mountains. We will also prepare customized Mountain bike tour on request of clients. Our company is allied with a network of sister companies in all travel destination of Nepal which allows tourists to enjoy the same hospitality and service.

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