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Nepal (Travel Restrictions, COVID Tests & Quarantine Requirements

Is Nepal open for visitors?

Yes. From 10 March 2022, Nepal has now fully opened to international visitors. Arrivals can now travel to Nepal without the need for quarantine measures regardless of their vaccination status.


Is Nepal open to international tourism?

Yes. Nepal has now fully opened to international visitors.

Fully vaccinated travelers to Nepal have NO pre-departure and on-arrival Covid testing requirements. The decision was mainly taken to ease passengers’ travelling experience entering Nepal and contribute to the speedy recovery of Nepal’s airports and airline industry.

Please consult the Department of Immigration – Nepal for further information.

Is Nepal open for business travelers?

Yes. March 2022 Nepal has now fully opened its borders for international visitors, including business travelers.


Nepal provides business visas for investors and entrepreneurs investing and undertaking business in Nepal. DOI issues Business visas upon receipt of the required documents from the applicant.


What are Nepal’s vaccine requirements?

All arrivals can now enter Nepal, regardless of their vaccination status. COVID-19 vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Nepal. If you’re fully vaccinated, you won’t need to show a pre-departure test. Instead, you can present your vaccination certificate showing a full dose of vaccination against COVID-19, completed at least 14 days prior to entering Nepal.


Un vaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers will be required to undertake a pre-departure test to enter the country. Children below the age of 5 are exempt from vaccine requirements.

Nepal-approved vaccines are as follows:



Sputnik V

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)





Source: Nepal – COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker (trackvaccines.org)

What is Nepal’s testing and quarantine requirements?

Testing requirements

As mentioned earlier, fully vaccinated travelers who have completed COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days prior to entry to Nepal are not subject to COVID-19 testing.

Un vaccinated travelers aged 5 years and above can enter Nepal if they show a negative PCR test completed no more than 72 hours before their departure flight. Such travelers may also be subject to free antigen testing on arrival.


Children below the age of 5 are exempt from pre-departure COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirements.

Quarantine requirements

There are no quarantine requirements for inbound travelers to Nepal. However, travelers could undergo a health check if they show any of the COVID-19 related symptoms while entering Nepal.


If any of such symptoms are found, they will be required to take a mandatory antigen test (at their own expense) at the entry point. If tested positive, they must proceed to an isolation centre designated by the Ministry of Health and Population or a hospital.


You can find a list of hotels designated for quarantine in Nepal, here.

Additional entry requirements

Unvaccinated travelers need to submit some additional documents while at the immigration entry point in Nepal:


A passport having more than 6 month’s validity;

Travel insurance covering health, immediate crisis, or rescue for the duration of your travel

Printed copy of International Travelers Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration ARMS-DIMS.

You may also be required to show your initial hotel booking evidence.

Please visit immigration.gov.np for more information.


Transiting in Nepal

Travelers’ transiting in Nepal will need the following:


if unvaccinated, they must present a certificate showing a negative RT-PCR test, taken within 72 hours of their departure flight.

a visa or prior approval document.

a travel insurance document which covers health, immediate crisis, or rescue for the duration of your travel.

a barcode generated from the online application of the Online International Travel Arrival Form. See ARMS-DIMS

Interstate Travel in Nepal

All fully vaccinated individuals can travel within Nepal without requiring any permit. Road transportation is limited and in poor condition due to frequent landslides, often cutting off access. Although, there is an east-west highway that passes through the southern areas of Nepal.


Nepal also has an international airport in Kathmandu, 3 regional airports, 9 all-weather airports, and 21 seasonal domestic airports. Domestic air services are accessible for travelling to major cities and business centre’s. Nepal has neither a seaport nor a railway system.


Exit requirements for Nepal

Nepal residents are advised to complete their COVID-19 vaccination before undertaking international travel to protect themselves against COVID-19 disease effectively. Travelers’ departing Nepal by air is subject to the health protocols of their destination country only. Airlines will consult and apply such protocols before boarding passengers.

Travelers’ are required to refer to destination country travel rules to understand the specific requirements of the destination country.

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