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Find the best price for the Everest Base Camp trek ( EBC) for 2021/2022 So you want to go to Everest base camp and want to know how much it will cost? From package tours to budget guides there are many ways to Everest Base Camp! There’s so much information out there that it’s often hard to get a straight answer. You’ll find your straight answer on my nepalguideinfo.com page too , it’s really important to remember the following as your price will depend on it. How many days do you want to trek for? – EBC can be 12 -16 days on average. What time of year are you planning to go ebc trek? Peak season is more expensive than low session . Who do you buy the trek from? Travel agent, online group travel, online agent, in country guide, local guide. What type of trek do you want to do? All inclusive, guide only or independent? Lets deal with the biggest issue first, where and what type to buy a trek along with the costs!
SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND It’s worth considering a local trekking agency over a big international agency. Generally speaking the international agency will be paying staff in other countries while a Nepali agency will be paying local staff. The result with hiring via a Nepali agency is that your costs will be lower and you are helping the local economy this best way safe your money Don,t loose on the way
Nepal Guide info help you best way safe your own money

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Everest Base Camp Trek cost,
Hike the Everest Base Camp trail on a budget,
Everest Base Camp trek travel budget: key facts and figures,
Our Nepal travel budget,
Part I: Our Everest Base Camp travel budget with cheap price ,
Cost of lodging along the EBC trail,
Everest Base Camp transport costs,
Cost for food on the EBC trek,
EBC official documents for permits , flight and Insurance
Hiking gear & miscellaneous cost
The easiest ways to save money on the Everest Base Camp trail are:
Part II: Kathmandu travel budget
Budget accommodation in Kathmandu
Kathmandu transport expenses
Cost of food in Kathmandu
Official documents
Miscellaneous cost in Kathmandu
Everest Base Camp trail costs: in conclusion