Dal Bhat Cooking Class with a Local Thamel


The Dhal Bhat cooking class is a leisure activities for tourists to experience how foods 

are prepared and made tasty. Nepal is small mountainous country who have its own traditional cultural distinctiveness as well as diverse food culture of Dhal Bhat which is the regular part of life of all Nepali people.  The Dhal Bhat is actually a combined dish of rice, lentils and curry which comes along with side dishes like meat and species. The Dhal Bhat culture is found all over the country and found out to be the regular food consumed by Nepali people. If we talk about Dhal Bhat dish in detail then it is an interesting thing to eat and adopt in your daily as all the food items are the assorted dish during your eating time to increase your taste and flavor during eating. The main dish is rice, lentils, and curry but the taste of food can be increased by adding assorted dish like eggs, fish, meat, spices, sukuti, choyla, sekuwa, roti, butan, achar, quanti soup etc. The Nepali cooking techniques involves stewing, stir-frying, grilling, smoking, deep frying, braising, marinating, tempering, steaming etc.

Our company have pre-packaged Dhal Bhat cooking class which are grouped as easy and difficult which lets the client to decide their type. We will also prepare customized and trailer  Dhal Bhat cooking class on request of clients. Our company is allied with a network of sister companies in all travel destination of Nepal which lets tourists have the same hospitality and service.

Sample of Menu for Nepali cooking class

Daal (Lentil Soup)
Bhat (Cooked White Rice)
Tarkari (Spiced Vegetables)
Saag (Green Leafs)
Dahi (Yogurt) and Chiya – Mansala tea.
MOmo making ( optional)
Paratha bread making ( optional)
Chapati bread making ( optional)

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